Neway Valve(suzhou)CO.,LTD.

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Neway, China's largest Industrial valve manufacturer, specializes in the development of innovative designs, through intensive R&D programs and engineering excellence. We engineer and manufacture valve solutions for all industries. Main product lines include Gate, Globe, Check, Butterfly and Ball valves. Neway's quality and innovative designs are recognized by many global users and EPC's., These products have been installed throughout the world, handling a wide variety of applications in the Gas, Oil, Refining, Chemical, Marine, Power Generation and Pipeline Transmission Industries.

Neway has developed and implemented a group management system based on multi-plant manufacturing.  Valves are manufactured in 6 specialized production facilities, four in China, and one each in Mexico & Saudi Arabia.  Castings are sourced from Neway-owned specialized foundries. Of the company employs over 1200 people.

Neway has sales offices, agents and distributors located worldwide, from Neway website at, you can get an updated contact list. Neway target is to become one of the world's leading industrial steel valve manufacturers based on China.
Contact information:
No.999 Xiangjiang Road, Suzhou New District,P.R. China[215129]
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