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BEIJING AerKen MACHINERY CO .,LTD. was founded in 1996. Has developed into a self-design, development, production in one professional group.Constantly introducing advanced foreign technology. The realization of the development of domestic road accumulated rich technical experience and management experience.The main products are: gas-specific butterfly. High temperature valves, gas valves pneumatic quick-cut electric control valve, pneumatic valve.
Electric valve, pneumatic valve actuators, electric actuators such as valves

Mainly used: the gas system, gas system, thousands of dry equipment, ventilation systems, dust removal equipment, furnace systems.The company is headquartered in Beijing. There are five subsidiary wholly-owned subsidiary of:

?Valve Co., Ltd. Beijing aerken ?aerken Control Equipment Co., Ltd. Beijing ?guan aerken Control Equipment Co., Ltd. ?Valve Co., Ltd. Shanghai aerken ?Valve Co., Ltd. Zhejiang aerken
Valve Co., Ltd. Beijing aerken more than 200 existing staff.Which the doctorate or master's degrees and more than 30 senior engineers.High-quality staff is continuing rapid development of the Group AerKen source.High input high starting point.

High quality of our technology development strategy. The company introduced the world's advanced CAD design center valve.Three-dimensional simulation of manufacturing systems. Constantly optimize the product structure. R & D of new products to ensure the quality and speed. The company has hot forging, precision casting welding, heat treatment. Mechanical processing and assembly workshop and so on.Plasma welding, automatic gas shielded arc welding. Overclocking vacuum heat treatment equipment. Automatic painting line of environmental protection. More than 300 high-precision CNC machine tools to Taiwan.To ensure the accuracy of product processing. Group-wide performance test with the valve center. Chemical composition analysis room.

Awareness-raising, to ensure the quality, the maintenance of the company's brand.

Continuous improvement, continuous innovation, customer needs beyond.

We adhere to: Improve the quality of awareness, and improve product innovation. To the quality of survival, quality and development, and constantly exceed customer expectations. 

We are pursuing: to meet customer needs, delivering quality products, superior service, commitment to social responsibility, the creation of social value
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Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone No. 79 Road dayangfang[100068]
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